Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Damn right, it's better than your's! Eco-Friendly wind up vibrator!
Check out the Earth Angel...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hero Squad

Attention! Smell your Dildoes! Kim and Amy Sedgwick are campaigning against bisphenol A's insertion in sex toys in Canada. If you won't drink out of the ol' Nalgene bottle because of the toxins and health risks associated with Bisphenol A, do you really want to stick one up your beautiful, soft and absorptive cunt for a nice long vaginal massage? OPI and other nail polish companies have removed phthalates from their darling polishes because we hollered! If our bone nails are enough to absorb nasty chemicals, we MUST avoid getting boned by sex toy manufacturers that continue penetrating their products with toxins - because, simply enough, they can get away with it - because sex toys are a "novelty item." There are alternatives to cheap plastic toys and it's worth spending a little extra coin to have safe sex! In Calgary, you can find them at the lovely boutique, "A Little More Interesting" off the busy intersection of 17th Avenue & 14th Street SW.