Tuesday, November 15, 2016

In the Moment and in Retrospect

Lilith Attack was upset this past week. The orange bigoted anti-woman, racist homophobe headed for the white house won the electoral vote. Is it messed up that Hilary Clinton may have nearly 3M more of the popular vote than Trump? In Canada, we too have a system where my "urban" vote is worth less than a rural vote. That aside, my partner is absolutely correct: We can't be sad unless we've fought like hell (and at least, if American, voted, for fuck sake! *look at the USA voter turnout (58 percent!), how many assumed Hilary would win?!) and unless you've done all you can. So here, on our home front, we are in a beautiful position right now. We have an Alberta NDP government lead by an incredible woman. Canada just saw the first transgendered judge sworn in recently in Winnipeg. In Alberta, Bill 6, WCB Coverage for farm workers. Gay-straight alliances in our schools with Bill 10. We fought hard for this. We must continue to fight. We must be able to tell our son in 10 years when he's a teenager and asks what we did - that we did everything we could. That we fought to keep this. A Provincial NDP government and a liberal federal leader, both fighting for change. (But often not hard enough) But. And so - We must hold them accountable. We must hold our media accountable. We must pay attention. So much progression under Obama. And now so much lost. Let us not be idle in Alberta. We cannot let go of our own progression. We are better than that.