Friday, August 17, 2007

How to be a Fabulous Feminist

How to be a fabulous feminist:

fight sexism do it now say yes to female, to justice, to freedom love yourself, love other women say no! get angry, get active don't agonize, organize fight racism, classism, ageism, homophobia, sizism, and ableism lower pain and isolation raise conciousness, raise self-esteem think globally, act locally avoid burnout be woman identified create safety take risks take your power back do it now live equality thank yourself celebrate women survivors invent new herstory shatter myths, pioneer, trailblaze discover she-her-we-I-woman honour lesbians say yes to power love your body decorate yourself any way you like have happy sex visualize perfect birth control keep abortion safe, legal and accessible help a mother today make every child a funded child praise rebel spinsters do it now be a woman's wovement vote, march, girlcott, lobby, write letters elect progressive women win the ERA stop the violence against women demand economic justice for all say yes to more money fun-raise, raise hell do it now cherish your mother earth be anti-war liberate oppression think humanarchy make peace with men be a mover and a shaker support bad girls join a feminist political organization volunteer, give love, give money get powerful, get respect heal yourself, heal the world collect fabulous memories do it to win!

-By SARK & Helen Grieco

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