Friday, August 24, 2007

Real Beauty

Dove’s latest Real Beauty Campaign takes aim at societal standards of aging women. Dove presents nude women over 50 artfully covering up with the brilliant phrase, “too old to be in an anti-aging ad.” When not being entirely overlooked, where can you find, in the media, and on the magazine covers, a woman over 50 who has naturally aged and who is not photoshopped, tucked, cut, sucked, and brushed? Kudos to Dove, again, for challenging notion of beauty. Unfortunately, the FCC has banned the commercials from T.V. and deemed them to be unsuitable. Apparently firm skin, tight abs and a 20-something shaking ass can be on T.V., not to mention rape, violence, and murder, but aging women showing their skin are told to stay inside.


Stephanie said...

This commercial isn't on TV? Shameful.

mdfmnst said...

Truly. It's considered indecent. I think it's absolutely tragic and a real reflection of North American media's values. And lack thereof.