Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shocking Trivialization

Daysha Taylor’s article about the new Taser C2 trivializes a woman in a situation where she may need to protect herself with a taser. Instead of addressing the issue that there is a market for tasers; a need for women to have 50,000 Volts of self defense in today’s parking lots, streets, and homes, she opens her article in jest. She says, “women everywhere can render any man speechless . . . without beauty aids or salon visits”. How insulting. She goes on to suggest that women shouldn’t be able to carry taser weapons in case of desires for “vengeance” against other women (what a gross stereotype and perpetuation of competitive attitudes among women) and then supposes women with tasers: a) have children; and b) will be irresponsible with them and leave lying around for said children to play with. The author should stop questioning a woman’s right to feel safe and take a look, instead, at why we do not.

Thanks to i blame the patriarchy for the link!

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