Friday, August 3, 2007

Why We Hate our Bodies

And here I thought babies and children are perfect and beautiful the way they are. Their skin, their hair and eyes... but this website takes pageantry culture to new levels of obscene. Parents can send a photo of their child to be glamourized into a little beauty pageant contestant. I note that of all the samples on the site, there's no boys. Our culture of body-hating among girls and women is rampant and so sad, and this sickens me to see these attitudes being implemented by parents before a little girl can count to 3.

Here's some of the effects the webhost boasts to "correct" certain features: "Hair added; irises moved for perfect eye contact; dark circles removed; brows shaped; facial powder added; skin tanned; arm reshaped;" and the lists go on. In fact, one could even chose to have "doll eyes" replace the child's actual eyes. Creepy as shit? Yeah, I think so.

Oh yeah, and the name of the website/company is "Natural Beauties".

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Stephanie said...

*jaw dropped*

I don't know what to say. There are so many things wrong.