Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fruit of the Loom is in Season

Thanks to Jezebel for this link about Melon's scented panties (on sale for just $6.00!) with a lovely fresh scent "built" in to the panties like a "second skin." Boasting that the scent is thanks to the same material as a dryer sheet, I've got an issue with that. Dryer sheets are toxic! Not only are they an irritant to sensitive skin, they contain toxic chemicals approved by the FDA for use! Read a list of dangerous ingredients in dryer sheets here!
Pussy smells like pussy so fuck off scented panties!


Stephanie said...

gross. I would never wear watermelon scented panties. That can't be good on so many levels.

mdfmnst said...

I think it's a fresh breeze scent or something dryer-sheet-ish by the company "Melon" but none the less, it's a stupid idea. I'm sick of women being told that we don't smell a certain way. It's just offensive. Where are the scented gonch for the guys?