Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Skinny and Gettin' None

The Daily Mail has a shit article today on size 0 women. In line with my last entry re: anorexia and mental illness, the article jumps to one conclusion for the claimed problem of infertility in young women - skinniness. Now I'm all about criticising cultural standards of unhealthy body-types like the woman shown in the photo of the article, and I believe that very low BMI affects fertility, but I was pissed off early in the piece:
"Extreme dieting can disturb the hormones and affect the sex drive - which could mean bad news for the men in their lives, warned expert Dr Sarah Brewer."
Wow! Sarah Brewer can fuck off. Bad news for the men? She offers no concern for the woman who's sex drive is lowered or hormones affected, no... it's bad news for the guys who were hopin to get some. This coming from a doctor who endorsed the dangerous Atkin's diet .

She goes on to say, ""Women are also often trying to get thin so they are more attractive to the opposite sex. But this will lower their sex drive and defeat the point of trying to be thin in the first place."

I find this is insulting on so many levels! She's saying that a woman is only attractive to the opposite sex if said woman has a high sex drive. Again, if a girl ain't gonna put out, the guys are goneso.

The epidemic of thinness and eating disorders is much much much much more complicated than getting laid.

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