Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Government Responsible

I just read this harrowing report of what is happening in Ethiopia by the military on behalf of its government, led by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. I thought that farmers being taken advantage of and the low income of coffee farmers was skin-chilling. This is nauseating. Handpicked by Tony Blair, Bloomfied explains he was "to lead the "African renaissance". He was seen as a leader committed to development and democracy."

The crackdown on the Ogaden National Liberation Front has spilled blood over the bodies of the innocent. Claiming that a village may be harbouring any ONLF is enough:

About 100 Ethiopians are now arriving [Bosasso, Somalia] every day. Their stories reveal the brutality of Ethiopia's hidden war, a brutal counter-insurgency that some aid officials believe has parallels with Darfur. Some estimates put the number of people displaced by the violence at 200,000 already.

According to accounts from refugees, Ethiopian troops are burning villages, raping women and killing civilians as part of a systematic campaign to drive them from their homes. They reported dozens of villages destroyed and accused the Ethiopian government of forcibly starving its own people by preventing food convoys reaching villages and destroying crops and livestock.

Development and Democracy? To the contrary. ALthough there are some with a twisted sense of what freedom and gratitude are:
The US provides some $283m (£140m) in military and humanitarian aid to Ethiopia and has trained its military – one of the largest and strongest in Africa.

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