Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Prolife Highway Parade

A couple of years ago driving South on Highway 2 I noticed a glaring lie of a highway billboard advertisement linking abortions to breast cancer. There is no such link. It is a lie by Prolife Canada desperately trying to appeal to gullible, stupid people. That was two years ago. This weekend driving North on highway 2 past Red Deer, there was a group of about ten people on a side road of the highway holding white signs with black letters, "Abortion Hurts Women." Giving them the bird and gettin' my rage on, these people's "campaign" was a distracting and cowardly action. First, drivers on that highway need to be focussed. There are too many idiotic drivers in rumbling fancy big trucks either drunk or carrying some death wish travelling at uncontrollable speeds tailgating, swerving, and being assholes. Second, no one has the ability to pull over, back up and challenge the notion that "abortion hurts women." The cowards. What a misleading, hypocritical notion! Pro-life groups do not and never have had a women's best interest at heart. Their manipulative claim this weekend is a spit in the face to women who have made the choice to abort for the benefit of those women's life long health and well-being.