Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sittin' in a Tree...

It’s easy to criticize Barbie and her unrealistic body type. We all love to point fingers at her enormous breasts, tiny waist and feet and ankles that would not, if she were a human, support her body. Pharyngula today notes a new doll toy that has hit the market, and this one is just as unrealistic as Barbie. Talking Jesus, Messenger of Faith, is one in a series of “Messenger of Faith” dolls from One2Believe. At 12” tall, they’re a little taller than Barbie and a whole lot taller than Skipper. And they’re Caucasian. Should I really be surprised that Jesus looks German? Aside from all that, I love what PZ Meyers notes:

It might be a useful toy for breaking indoctrination, though, when the kiddies discover that Jesus has "Made in China" imprinted on the sole of his foot, and that they can play games that have him shacking up with Barbie. And Ken.

I used to be worried that mom or dad might catch me slipping Barbie & Ken in the sack while I wiggled on a pillow… but imagine the guilt these kids will be soaking in when Mary & Jesus get it on… and I’m not talkin’ Magdelene, here. And just why isn’t SHE a messenger of faith? Wasn’t she Jesus’ favourite? Oh yeah! Things get complicated with that Mary, she was a HOE!

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