Thursday, November 22, 2007

How Cute

I'm not sure what the hell to make of this video; nor can I tell if it's real. Here Heidi Klum celebrates her great, um, "knockers" (she also calls them Hanz & Franz) but the video gets very strange at the laugh clips. What's going on here? I just feel uncomfortable that it's a topless rich ($12 Million in the last 12 months) white skinny woman... Is this meant to be self-love promotion to get me to buy a Victoria's Secret Bra? Someone please explain this video to me!!!!!

Update: Himbly has a great diatribe on this over at her blog. Check it out; the commenting dialogue is hilarious. Might I add that I've concluded that I'm uncomfortable with this because of how much I despise the fashion industry and the giant role supermodels play in the damage to girls' and women's self-esteem. Super models are never funny. Ever.

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Himbly said...

I dont' get it, either. I also don't know how I feel about it good? is it bad? I have no clue. It's weird, though.

PS. Thanks for words of encouragement. Having a bit of a spaz these days.