Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Not Even a Face for Radio

Jim Blake of Concerned Christians of Canada likens Stelmach's reluction to approve Criag Chandler's MLA nomination papers to, get ready for this: a witch hunt. Wow. Poor gay-hating Chandler, utters vitriol on public radio against homosexuals and now his political acumen is being questioned? 'How dare they! Marginalized! Marginalized! We poor evangelists, we poor people of faith being discriminated against.' There is a difference between having faith, sir, and lashing out with self righteousness against homosexuals.
May I remind Jim Blake, Craig Chandler and the rest of the concerned christians, who was responsible for a witch hunt that spanned nearly 3 centuries in Europe and executed hundreds of thousands of women? Oh yeah! It was the Christians!

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Anonymous said...

Hundreds of thousands of women....killed in a "witch" hunt? Please, get your facts straight. First of all, true "Christians" were not responsible, nor did they participate in killing innocent women. Making this claim, is akin to claiming that all muslims are terrorists. Simply not true.

Second of all, it wasn't hundreds of thousands. Even though one death was one too many, you must state the facts accurately. The majority of historians agree that as many as sixty thousand women may have lost their lives in Europe. Of this number, an estimated 500 women were killed at the hands of the RC church. Regretably, it was local governments that did most of the killing.

This was no doubt a very sad period of human history. However, it does not give people licence to smear Christians and lie about the facts.