Thursday, January 17, 2008

Third Orientation

The Globe and Mail has published findings of a study conducted over a 10 year period of 79 women. It concludes that bisexuality can be considered normal. What a find! The best part is that many of the participants described themselves as neither lesbian, hererosexual or bisexual; but rather, "unlabelled." Truly! Why do we need to put a name to something, especially something like sexuality that in the end, is none of anyone's business.

Here's one conclusion in the article that I can appreciate:

"The distinction between lesbian and bisexual women is not a rigid one," she said. "Like with most people, a lot seems to depend on who you happen to meet."
I agree with this statement. Love and sex are about connections and sparks. I have girlfriends who have met incredible women with whom they have had invaluable relationships with, including sexually, and those same women have had intense emotional and sexual relationships with men as well. It's about that golden thread; the way a person makes us feel and the way we make them feel. I think this study brings up some interesting statistics and dialogue-starting points about people's desire for a cut and dry labelling system. It is revealing to read the comments posted after the article; you can just smell the homophobia and sexism throughout.


Himbly said...

Honestly, for years I've used the terms homosexual, bisexual, straight, gay...whatever...but I don't really believe in them. Everyone's got something unique that turns their crank. It's a great big cloud of sexuality, with labels at the extremes and everyone in between.

lilith attack said...

I've Missed you in the Blog Pond!

Himbly said...

I've missed being in it. I'll try to get back on the horse soon.