Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Another Assault

I know this path well having lived in Bridgeland, walking to and from work along the river. On Friday a woman was attacked and assaulted by the Langevin Bridge by a man the police are saying had sexual motivations. A passerby, though, heard the cries and hollared out that someone was being assaulted. The attacker fled upon the comotion by the passerby and the woman he was punching was able to run to a business and call the police. The problem I have with the police's press release is here:

Police believe this attempted assault was sexually-motivated.
"Attempted assault? Wha!? Attempted? Excuse me, but a man snuck up on her, put his hand over her mouth, draged her under a bridge, threw her to the ground, and proceded to hit her. This is an assault, not an attempted assault. I'm relieved to know that the woman he attacked does not require medical attention although I hope she will be able to find courage to deal with this assault and peace to walk after sundown. She is in my thoughts.

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