Thursday, February 14, 2008


Baby Steps to attempt the Re-Criminilization of Abortion in Canada Taking Place on February 29, 2008From the BreadnRoses Forum:

Now, hard on the heels of that [the 20th Anniversary of the Morgentaler decision], we've got to roll up our sleeves again. But this time is no celebration. This is dead serious.

Birth Pangs covered the 'Unborn Victims of Violence' bill here and here.

This is a private member's bill that has already had some debate and is scheduled for more on February 29, Sadie Hawkins Day, the day women are allowed to ask men to marry them, dance with them, and/or respect their human rights. A vote on it is expected on March 5.

While pretending to 'protect' pregnant women, what this bill really is is a backdoor attempt to create 'personhood' rights for fetuses -- a necessary first step in re-criminalizing abortion.

Private member's bill, you say? Pish. They never go anywhere.

Think again. The Bloc and the NDP intend to whip their members to vote against it. The Cons, well, they're hopeless. But the Libs do NOT intend to whip their members. And we know how very squishy some Libs are when it comes to women's rights.

In other words, fans of freedom, this stinking piece of fetus-fetishist crap may well pass.

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