Wednesday, February 27, 2008


My thanks to Himbly for the link to this hideous site out of San Diego: My Free Implants. Too good to be true? Not so much... all you have to do is whore yourself out to a benefactor!

Have you ever wanted bigger breasts? But couldn't afford the expensive costs of surgery?
Here is your opportunity to earn Free Breast Implants!
Free Saline Implants
Breast Augmentation
Free Silicone Implants
'Gummy Bear' Implants
Free Boob Job

Help the girl of YOUR dreams, get the body of her dreams. Develop a connection with a girl of your choice and help her earn Free Breast Implants!
Interact with Real Girls
Receive Custom Photos
Send Ladies Donations
Receive Custom Videos
Chat with Girls Online

Wow. So all for FREE, all the ladies have to do is send "custom photos" ("These pictures are one of the key components towards achieving your goals."), "custom videos" and "more!" More?

On the FAQ page of the site, one question is, "Do I have to pose naked?"

"Not at all. The content of the pictures you post is entirely up to you. Some ladies choose to reward donors with sexy photos, and the range of "sexy photos" varies greatly from person to person."

How long does it take to get implants?
The time frame all depends on your level of participation. The more time and effort you are willing to put in, the more quickly you will be able to get your implants. MyFreeImplants is not simply a picture site; it is a community with members who interact and actively participate on a regular basis. Because of this the time frame is different for each and every person.



JaneDoe said...

My God, I don't even what to think about what 'Gummy Bear' Implants are!
There's no way anyone's ever coming within a meter of my breasts with a knife, that's for sure.

lilith attack said...

Yeah! I know... it's so disturbing. And as Himbly mentioned last night, there are so many things these benefactors could be putting their money toward to actually help women like homeless shelters and women's centres. But they don't get to see titty for that, now do they!?

Anonymous said...

You dont know what your talking about...I am a Model on have been there for over two years, and two months.

This site was not made to whore anyone...and that is not what the men go there for...they go there to donate money for a good cause! Each woman decides for herself..what she wants to do...the men DONT ASK FOR ANYTHING IN RETURN!! They are most of the time very surprised when we send them photo's. The items sent are not any way..and are none of anyone elses business.. Please get your FACTS straight before you Bad mouth the site..and the People on it!

Thank you,

Himbly said...

Dear Sieanne,

I'm not sure that lilith attack's opinion has anything to do with not getting any facts straight. Men are donating money so that women can buy larger breasts. Please tell me how this is a worthy cause in most cases (ie. outside of reconstructive surgery and the like...I"m sure this does not pop up on your site much).

I find it hard to believe that the men don't at least ~hope~ for some pictures or such in return. I'm not sure paying for a stranger's breast augmentation is a true act of altruism in every case.

The fact remains (and I do believe that I have it straight) that if men want to donate money to help women, there are plenty of shelters, rape crisis centers, EXIT programs, etc that they can donate to. Perpetuating the idea that a woman is just not 'womanly' without a big set of tits isn't my idea of charity.

By the do you mean "model" on

Anonymous said...


First I am a actual model..have been one for over ten that is what I mean by model. (Have been retired for three years..because I am deadly ILL which is why I am on one ever said that a woman has to have LARGER breasts to be a woman...It is up to the woman..but people like you should not judge us for wanting to get larger breasts for ourselves...NO woman goes to with out doing her home work first!
So you can BET that each woman on the there FOR HERSELF..and no one else. It is a PERSONAL choice..and one that is not anyone elses concern. ;0)

Thirdly...THERE ARE around 60% or more of women out of the Thousands on the who are there FOR surgery because of BREAST CANCER, Batched Breast Surgeries in the past, or for REAL breast issues such as only having one boob, or having part of one cut out..and beling lop sided. So this is A GREAT AND NEW CAUSE! (THE other 40% are there because of losing alot of weight, and chest size...or because of breast feeding alot of children..and losing their size)

WE are there because we cant pay for it ourselves..and ACTUALLY

Around 80% out of the 40,000+ Men on the site are there to HELP..and never ask for anything..and infact will get angry if a girl send them photo's or video' AGAIN YOU HAVE YOUR facts all WRONG... Only 20% of the men are there to get things..and will quickly get bored, and leave the site..because it is not what they thought it

As I stated before...please get your facts straight..before writing about a new site..or a new cause.

Just because it is not a Save the Environment, or a Find a cure for Breast cancer (By the way has DONATED ALOT of money for BREAST cancer they are trying ot help out in more way than one..and alot of the MEN on the site..are son's, brothers, husbands, and nephew's of Breast cancer suffer's or surviviers...) or a cure for AID's..or any other cause you can think of..does not MEAN it is not a WORTHY CAUSE! Any time a group of people start a new Cause, or have a NEW Invention..or idea..they will always have small minded individuals..who are so set in their ways..that they miss the boat.

Just think of The Wright Brothers and their airplane...they were told that they were CRAZY..that the plane would never fly..but look what happend..we all fly in small, and commercial planes now!

Now I want to point your attention to Alexander Graham Bell who invented the Telephone...he was told YOur NUTS..but look what we all cant live without..the TELEPHONE!

J.H. Smith was the one of the FIRST men to invent the Computer..but his idea at the time did not look at all of us on the Computer..and the INTERNET!

Yes granted Shelters, Women's shelters, orphan's, rap crises, and pregnancy crises centers are VERY IMPORTANT..I am not saying they are the contrary..I have been a top supporter..and donator myself for each of them..and also other causes.

But that does not Make getting a surgery on a women's breasts because of having them removed for not a a GOOD CAUSE!

It is just a new ONE! I want to point out to you the Definition for CAUSE( New Oxford American Dictionary):
1) A person or thing that gives rise to an action, phenomenon, or condition.
2) Reasonable grounds for doing, thinking, or felling something.
3) A principle, aim, or movement that, because of a deep commitment, one is prepared to defend or advocate.

Now let me point out the Following:
1) We all are being more aware to the Female that started their site...alot of women have ADMITED their feelings about their breasts removal/shrinkage/or lack there of.. It is a REAL ISSUE...everywoman should feel GOOD about herself..and confident. When a woman is self concious..she tends to do not well in life, family, school, work, motherhood in general. So if all it takes is a Little surgery to help her...feel GOOD about herself..then who are we as a population to try to tell her she is wrong? Also if a woman is fine with small breasts..that is up to her as one is saying that those women need to get surgery!;0)

As much as MEN WANT THE CREDIT..they are not the REASON Why women get BREAST IMPLANTS(Yes granted two male doctors created the first silocone implants in 1960, but women where wanting larger breasts long before then! lol)...Not at all! Woman are not so concerned with the mens point of view..especially when it comes to cutting our bodies up...PLEASE! Men are not the end all to be all of our desires..and concerns! So please once and for all..for ALL FEMALE KIND I say this: IF A WOMAN CHOSES TO GET BREAST IMPLANTS,or any other SURGER done on is FOR HER ALONE! Any man who believes they have that much power over us just fulling himself! lol

2) EVERY WOMAN who has come to the conclusion to get implants...has REASONABLE Grounds to get them...and EVERY MAN/WOMAN who donates money to us on have REASONABLE grounds to donate. They are not thinking with their small brains..and mindlessly donating money to see some GOODIES! Please! These men are married...and or in commitments and can see the GOODIES for FREE!lol They are not looking for any thing! They are tired of donating at their local strip club,sports bar, casino and to all the girly magazines..instead they want to do something good with their money..and most the men on the SITE are there because their WIVES are there too..and they are all DONATING to each others wives..for no photo's..or video's. It is the best way to POOL the money together..and help each other out!
THEY ARE there only after their wives told them they want larger boobs...all on their own..if it is not for surgical, or medical reasons..then the ladies are their for the fact that they lost their chest..when they breast feed all their kids. So any man who has a heart would support his wifes dreams..and find a way to help her feel like her OLD and NEW IMPROVED self!
So again...some reporters/writers/columnist need to do their RESEARCH better in the future!

3) LASTLY every soul on (the owners, workers, ladies, and benefactors male and female) will all fight for this WORTHY NEW CAUSE! Because we all believe in it...and know it is worth fighting for...

Can you say the same for you have a cause that you are passionate about? Would you allow anyone to tell you that your Cause is not a real one? I think not!

By the way..I am not saying that all women want larger or fake breasts..but a great deal of us do need them for GOOD resons, and sincerely want them..and we are here to say we need HELP from warm hearted people..who CARE ABOUT us!

I am not only there for BIG BREASTS..I am there to help SAVE MY LIFE! I need a procedure that I can not pay for myself..and I am very ill.

Please be more kind in your future comments about,and myself. Thank you!


lilith attack said...

Thanks for your comments, I appreciate your defence of myfreeimplants and a further explanation of what the site/organization is often used for. The featured marketing on the website, however, is sleezy and the rhetoric surrounding the means in which surgery is obtained is questionable as outlined in the original post. Perhaps a revisit of the web/marketing team's objectives and vision for the site could be in the budget for next fiscal year.