Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gender Bender

Thinking about going on a vodka bender and you're a lady!? Well you're in luck in Russia! Now there's Vodka for women!! As headlined, "Russian ladies who lunch are finally given their very own vodka". Some are celebrating the marketing ploy, for MIDDLE CLASS WOMEN ("It's not just for businesswomen") but as reported in the Independent, one doctor has said:

"Women drinking vodka is not only unhealthy, it's ugly and un-ladylike," said one doctor. "They should stick to more appropriate drinks for women, like champagne or white wine."
Well it's a good thing, then, that champagne and white wine comes in sexy soft-colored bottles! But there's some stiff competition when Damskaya has fluttery butterflies to boast and toast!


Anonymous said...

Odd how some people don’t have a problem debating the merits of appropriate drinks for women, a drink is a drink, they all have the same effect.

It proves that it’s still not a problem for too many people to tell a woman what to do and how to behave.

lilith attack said...

Thanks for stopping in!! You're absolutely right. Plus this Sexist marketing is in no way beneficial to the way women think of themselves nor how that sexism perpetuates the way men think of women. Just where and when is this going to stop? Women and men need to boycott the marketing - boycott the butterfly vodka sexism and smash the stereotypes...

Anonymous said...

Hey You :)

Dropped in to say hi and read this entry. It's so fucking ridiculous I'm not sure whether to laugh or yell.

And of course, this is coming from me, who has three different types of vodka in her fridge.

But now that there's a cute curvy bottle covered in butterflies, I realise I only need to buy one :P

People are so stupid.

But your blog goes a long way towards making up for that. :)

Much Love,
Tania De Rozario

lilith attack said...

Tania! Great to see you come by! I know, what's so disappointing is that it's not even that surprising. And it won't be when it shows up on Canadian liquor shelves, either. Smash smash smash and drink whatever the hell you want. Come the vodka, whisky,AND gin, dammit!