Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fetus Find

This morning's online Calgary Herald:

City crews at the Bonnybrook waste treatment facility made the disturbing discovery of a fetus. . . Police said the method of disposal is a concern, but medically at this stage of development, a fetus is considered a "product of conception" and not a matter for the medical examiner to investigate or issue a death certificate.

"Life and creation arguments do not form the basis of this investigation, rather, it is firmly rooted in the probability that this may have been the result of a spontaneous medical condition, a 'hidden' pregnancy situation, or a premeditated and or forced act upon an individual; the last of these three situations cannot be overlooked or end without police involvement and determination if a criminal act was committed," said Berti.
I feel for the woman who went through this miscarriage, be it a 'hidden' pregnancy or any of the possibilities described. Whether or not she wanted to have a child, she may have felt that our medical system could not be reliable, trusted, or affordable. In a case of potential violence I hope for her that she finds safety and protection. I appreciate the annunciation that this is not about "life and creation" but about the health of the woman who aborted outside of a hospital or abortion clinic, whatever the case may or should have been. Even with abortion servcies in Calgary, there can still be instances of limited access due to social pressures or knowing where and how to access those services. This is an interesting story and I will certainly be following up on the community's reaction to it.

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