Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This House is Clean

It's 1982 and Steven Spielburg's Poltergeist is terrifying audiences and leaving a lasting impression of the fuzzy late-night T.V. screen in our nightmares when we wake up on the couch to the static sound of a snowy screen and a little girl's voice, "They're He-re..." A new study that will be published in the scientific journal, Neuroquantology, claims that Speilburg was on to something with Carol Anne being the vessel for creepy, paranormal activity. I can safely say I do not understand quantum physics (contrary to What the Bleep Do We Know and Deepak Chopra's claims to simplistic explanations), but still I consider this study to be bunk and sexist by this small paragraph:

"Poltergeist disturbances often occur in the neighbourhood of a pubescent child or a young woman," the authors note in their paper.
I can't wait to read about how adolescent girls and young women are the source of things that go bump in the night and all things creepy.
(Via Boing Boing)

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