Monday, July 28, 2008

Rev this

Google has a competitor launching a search engine today. Ms. Anna Patterson's "Cuil" will be my trial search engine going forward... I am always pleased to support successful women's achievements!

The Times Online reports:

Speaking before the launch of Cuil, which is pronounced 'cool', Ms Patterson said that one of the main reasons rival search engines such as Microsoft Windows Live and Yahoo! had struggled was because they weren't able to index as many
pages as Google.

Cuil had solved that problem by compiling an index three times as large as Google's - searching for results across 120 billion web pages compared with Google's index of 40 billion pages, she said. Google does not reveal how large its index is, but in a statement today said that it welcomed competition, which "stimulates innovation and provides users with more choice."

A reprimand to reporter Jonathan Richards, though, for the following:

"You can't be an alternative search engine and smaller," Mr Patterson was quoted as saying.

Excuse me Mr. Richards, but you can call her Ms. Patterson, dumb ass.


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