Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On Feminism

Published in the Calgary Herald and last week by Canwest in the Edmonton Journal, writer Misty Harris takes a look at the problem facing young women who are identifying with feminism: the stripper pole or social activism?

Bombarded by a dizzying array of ideas and images, individuals believe girl power is synonymous with short skirts as much as advanced education. They are demonstrating their independence through community involvement and at the stripper pole. And even as young females are equalling male achievements in math and science competitions, they're matching them shot for shot in bars -- studies show more college women are "drinking like men" and getting drunk more today than in the last 20 years.

It's all evidence of how young women are seeking to make their way in a culture of conflicting messages, experts say.

"They don't realize it's a lot more complicated."


Jenn Astle said...

You might want to check out my article titles Subjective Sexuality on my blog, I'd be interested to hear your feedback.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that that article made it into the newspaper.
But I agree with one of the voices in the story don't think the choice facing women (nun or stripper pole) is either new. I also don't think its a choice provided by feminism: it's the choice provided by a society which values women according to their sexuality. That feminism and feminists are still grappling with it is a comment about how entrenched these beliefs about women are in society, I think.

Congrats on one year, by the way. I've been enjoying your blog.