Monday, November 17, 2008

Sexist Stereotype Saturation

I was just browsing through a real estate magazine and noticed that every article in the 47 pages features a male real estate professional's opinion/commentary and his face-profile "business" photograph. Reading through each article, I came to the article, "Calgarians shop 'till they drop - $22.8 billion into cash registers".
I couldn't even the article because I was so distracted and insulted by the banner design inserted (certainly not a profile photo of a female business woman quoted in the article):

Of ten images of full-bodied skinny white women, three are wearing mini skirts, all but two are wearing stilettos, most are in skin-tight tops or pants, and one is even wearing a school girl skirt complete with bikini top and thigh-high visible stockings. And they all just look so HAPPY! Because that's what women love to do best is shop! Neat!

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