Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ZP3 Jubilee

New Scientist reports that a new form of contraceptive (see also this story from 2007) for women may someday be available which does not interfere with hormones. For young women in their teens who chose to take a hormonal form of contraceptive, this is extremely exciting news in that menstrual cycles could maintain their natural way and females reproductive health could develop uninhibited by synthetic estrogen and progestin interfering with ovulation and the endocrine system, not to mention cases of decreased libido.

ZP3, the receptor in the zona pellucida and a protein in the coating of eggs which facilitates sperms' ability to bind and burrow, might be disrupted by a hormone-free drug which would bind to ZP3 and prevent conception.

This is HUGE so long as an abundance of research is done to confirm any and all negative side effects or issues with this that may be harmul to women's immediate and long term reproductive health.

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