Monday, January 19, 2009

Event Notice

Calgary's Alliance to End Violence is hosting a workshop on Friday, January 23:

Violence Knows No Boundaries

The Alliance to End Violence is pleased to invite you to the launch of “Violence Knows No Boundaries” a manual on diverse cultural perspectives, legal resources and safety information on domestic violence for service providers.

We will be offering a full-day workshop on the manual with presenters: Naaz Bhatia with Tran-sitions Counselling and Michelle Papero with Calgary Legal Guidance.

The entire manual will not be covered. Registrants are asked to rank the following topics from one to five (most interested to least interested) upon registration so that we can best accommodate your professional needs. Please e-mail Barb Hill with your ranked topics.

-What women can do legally to protect themselves
-How family law intersects with domestic violence remedies
-Domestic violence and immigration issues
-Moving on from domestic violence, e.g. separation, divorce
-How the criminal justice process works

Free printed copies of the guide along with removable safety plans in nine languages will be available at the workshop.

All professional development opportunities and events are for professionals, teachers and students in the family and sexual violence sector only unless stated otherwise.

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