Wednesday, August 8, 2007


My recent post about the baby makeover company has kept me thinking. The culture of hatred of our bodies starts so young and continues into our adulthood. Everytime I look at a glossy cover and cringe at the messages being sent to women readers, wrinkle my nose up at the clothes being worn, the sex being sold, I have remind myself consciously that the image of whatever supermodel or acress being featured is not real. Once a computer mouse touches those images, they are not real. It's hard to look at flawless 'beauty' every day and continue to feel good about ourselves, the real us with all of our real imperfections. So tragic to hold up a mirror when the reflection on the newstands are telling us we're not thin enough, not firm enough, our complexion isn't clear enough... it goes on and on. Look closely at the next image of a 30-something model on the cover of a glossy. You won't find a single wrinkle. I'd like to post this video from Dove's Real Beauty campaign for a reminder that we are being tricked. Women: love yourselves!

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