Friday, October 26, 2007

Hateful Racism in the Calgary Sun

December 2007 Update: A Human Rights Complaint has been filed against the Western Standard's Racist Blog.


On Wednesday, October 24 the Calgary Sun removed Levant's racist column from its website. I have re-posted it here if you'd like to take a read. Oh yeah, and it has been determined after a raging message left by my partner and subsequent conversations with a representative of the Calgary Sun (who defensively added, "but I'm not a left lib") that Mr. Levant will not be writing for the Sun again. I'm sceptical, but lets hope we don't read Levant's poor writing and racist "reporting" again. If the Sun should have anything to do with that "man" they should report on the appalling hate-speech bigotry that's rampant over at the Western Standard blog.

I was too disgusted to blog this yesterday and was fuming for hours about a column in yesterday's Calgary Sun. Having thought about it and slept on it, I’m still disgusted and I make no apologies for my rage. Last week a 9 year old girl, Mary Frances Kathelynn Occena, was killed in a tragic accident on Crowchild Trail after the school bus she was riding in sideswiped a gravel truck parked on the side of the morning-rush-hour 80 km/hr roadway and then plowed into a light pole, the side of the bus remaining on the gravel truck and as anyone can imagine, a horrific scene.

Ezra Levant, in his column yesterday, blames Islam.

His disgusting racist rhetoric is insulting to Mary’s family, the other children involved in the accident, and certainly a slap in the face to the bus driver. Levant claims that the driver’s headscarf caused the accident and refers to multiculturalism in this case as being dangerous, “an unacceptable risk -- and something that should be banned by common sense.” So not only should Muslim women not be allowed to vote, but they shouldn’t be allowed to drive, either? It’s infuriating that he victimizes himself in his own article when he says that today, to state that head scarves should be prohibited is “Islamophobic.” I would say it’s racist bigotry.

Levant, co-founder of right wing publication "Western Standard", is the individual who, here in this city, reprinted the images of Mohammed that sparked controversy last year in Denmark that upset our Muslim community. He claimed then that the media is afraid of Islamism and this is [poorly at best] repeated in his column yesterday:

I think it's obvious why these questions were not asked: because it is
politically incorrect to question a religious veil -- or even anything that
looks like one -- for fear of being regarded as politically incorrect.

It is politically incorrect. . . for fear of being regarded as politically incorrect. Huh? What the fuck kind of writing is this and why would the Calgary Sun publish not only terrible writing with poor sentence structure, but words written with the clear motive to inspire hate.

Let the editor know what you think about this article:
Fax 403-250- 4180


Himbly said...

R sent me that article this morning and I went on a freaking 'just woke up' tirade. There was no merit in that article other than to sell copies through controversy (hey..THAT sounds familiar). That paper is nothing more than a local tabloid.

Zeynab said...

This is a great critique; do you mind if I post a link to it in my blog? We look at Muslim women in the media and I think this is perfect.

lilith attack said...

Please do. Thanks for stopping by, Zeynab!

The Sun has since removed Levant's article from the online edition, but I am working on getting the print copy and re-linking to that.

Anonymous said...

The Calgary Sun is one of the most disgusting rags calling themselves "newspapers". In a city like Calgary, where warmongering is a way of life these days, and money boom prevails above humanism, this kind of publication continues to agitate against muslims, environmentalists, socialist movements, and other humanistic issues. This "newspaper" should be closed for good and their editors sued, but unfortunately this will never happen given the numerous amount people who read it.

Anonymous said...

Ezra Levant was on the National yesterday verbally abusing Islam as "fascism" again. I agree the religion has been hijacked but to hate-monger against 1.5 Billion people is dumb and unconstructive.

He has that insane "jihadi" (to use his term) look in his eyes that I think reveals how sick he really is.

Companies that advertise on his rag should be contacted and advised about his racist views and hopefully he will be hit where it hurts most - his greedy little pockets.

lilith attack said...

Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it. I think you're absolutely right about tappin' the pockets; but the advertiser I see on his online-only newspaper/blog is Macleans magazine, which has it's own share of < > hate-mongering and human rights complaints. Not so much an ally for the championing of social justice. :( The Sun, however, is back to publishing Levant's columns (contrary to a message left on our machine from the Editor stating Levant's columns would not run in the Sun any longer following the bus crash trash article) and has many advertisers. Speaking of rags...

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