Friday, October 26, 2007

October is ALSO Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Lucinda Marshall looks at the current avoidance of the other ribbon/colour of October: Domestic Violence Awareness. We are in a sea of pink in support and awareness of Breast Cancer raising money money money but awareness, support and dialogue about domestic violence is ironically being ignored. What's worse, says, Marshall, is that many of the pink cover stories are giving incorrect information:

Of nine publications that I recently found on a grocery store magazine
rack, all of which advertised breast cancer articles on the covers of their
October issues, only two also contained coverage of Domestic Violence Awareness
Month (and mentioned that on their covers).* And, what's worse, of the coverage
dedicated to breast cancer, much of it was offensive, superficial, misleading,
or flat-out wrong.

AlterNet hosts the full article.

Thanks to F-email Fightback for the link.

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