Thursday, November 8, 2007

Can't Touch This

I love watching men dance. There's a lot of them that are just so BAD at it. My favourite is the choo choo train. You know the one… the steam engine-powered arms turning those wheels; elbows at a right angle, fists curled in that relaxing way; and the little boogie dance bending at the knees, up and down up and down… I mean come on guys, get a little more creative! I gotta say, though, not all men are so lacking in the body expression department, my partner being one of them. He's got the rhythm. He's got soul. He's got confidence that brings out MC hammer dances and moves that I can't touch. It's true in my experience that there is attraction in great dancing. Last night we both got a little lesson for on the dance floor. Check out this Bird of Paradise, the male Carola’s Parotia and his sweet moves. He clears a dance floor and at 2:08 the show really begins.


Himbly said...

do this:

I just tested your blog on this thing and your writing is at 'genius' level. Mine is at jr. High. hahaha...I think that sound just about right, too.


lilith attack said...

That's hilarious! I am having a rather proud moment right now...