Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Quit Facebook to Start a Blog

I quite Facebook around the same time as I started up Lilith Attack. I'm one of the few citizens I know who doesn't have a television plugged in for the purpose of television. I watch films, yes, and lots of em... I even watch some choice television on the internets; but for the same reasons why I don't have t.v. connections I quit facebook after a few weeks. Time waster. Everyone admits it's like crack (although most quantify that's what they imagine crack to be like), wish they'd spend less time creepin', and yet continue to get sucked into the wall messages, the application gimmicks (which facebook didn't yet have when I was on), the free drink "gifts," and oh, those GROUPS. Facebook Groups were my guilty pleasure. Serving no purpose, I'd join the few groups there were I could identify with and some of the cult classics like Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (may I be blessed by his noodly goodness). But as discussed on Salon's Broadsheet today, a troubling group is the "30 Reasons Girls Should Call It a Night." group I'm pleased to never have noticed in the ol' days. So this facebook group features photographic candid shots of self-proclaimed drunk 'it's time to go home moments'. Here's the thing about these public postings showing up in National Newspapers: a) why is facebook group of drunk women making national newspaper news (it's not news); and b) these women are in control of their actions (the action being the posting of the photo, not necessarily the action being comitted in the photo). I think a more interesting group would be "Getting' Drunk in Front of Facebook and Posting a Photo of Being Drunk in Front of Facebook!" Oh wait a minute, that would be about as interesting. As far as understanding why anyone would post humiliating photos of themselves passed out with their faces against public bathroom toilets for other people who are posting humiliation shots similar is beyond me. Let's all get drunk and look at humiliating pictures of eachother and then do it again!

Maybe there's a real sense of community I'm missing out on. Now don't get me wrong, I love getting' drunk as much as the next gal; I love sluggin' em back and having a grand old time. I love taking and looking at those party pictures of friends with our arms around eachother laughing and featuring some crazy knee and belt buckle dancing. The Facebook article discussed in Broadsheet today has me wondering, though, about who the intended audience is of these photos and what is the real purpos. Are they for a laugh? Or do they pick at women's dignity like scabs on scraped knees? Yeah, I think they do. I think they do a lot and that what I find so disturbing about this group. Instead, let's be women who are proud of ourselves and uplifting to eachother. And when we like to have a lot of fun that can sometimes lead to "exhaustion"; lets use our brains we've got and the compassion we carry to look out for eachother with honesty and integrity… and put the cameras away for the night.


Himbly said...

you scared me. I thought you were going to announce you were quitting the blog, too!

whew. btw, I'm going to have to check out that group. Probably something I don't want to see.

lilith attack said...

Oh Himbly, I couldn't do that! This is my outlet, my heart, my addiction with a purpose and fulfillment. Thanks for being a regular visitor!!!!