Thursday, November 15, 2007

Finally, my Lulu Rant.

Lululemon pisses me off. Its homepage philosophy:

“creating components for people to live longer, healthier, more fun lives.”

What is healthy or fun about spending $125 on a pair of sweats!? I believe the Yoga philosophy is about impermanence and detaching from material things; Lululemon has nothing to do with Yoga and everything to do with marketing to a sucker demographic to make a lot of money. When you pay $79.00 for a sweater to warm up in after doing Yoga I don’t see a perpetuation of non-attachment. People love their Lulu and Yoga is becoming a trend for the privileged because if you’re not wearin’ that certain logo you’re not really doing Yoga. Notwithstanding the high price of Lululemon gear, Lululemon targets, especially, young skinny women. I get it that the tight fit is part of the science of sweat, but promoting thinness is not necessarily a promotion of good health and wellness. We all know the dangers of being too thin. We all know that dieting can be dangerous. Eating disorders are rampant but being “fat” is viewed as disgusting. And if you’re fat, you better not try to squeeze into a pair of Lulus and head to your closest studio; because such actions are reserved for the tight asses who binge with their wallets but starve themselves to feel good!

This is why I was pleased to read this article today in the Financial Post. What? There isn’t REALLY seaweed and nutrients in Lululemon’s over-priced sweat shirts for your precious skin to absorb!? Really!? What about positive universal energy? Is there THAT?

I wonder if they are going to claim next that there are weight loss herbs in the fibers of the so-very high tech cloth.

Living healthy is a personal subjective experience. It’s about expressing yourself in whatever way you want. It’s about being happy with your body and exploring your health and quietness of mind without any cultural or financial pressures.

For more information on Lululemon’s founder (who thought it would be funny to hear “Lululemon” said by the Japanese), Chip Wilson, and what he has to say about outsourcing manufacture to Asia (that’s right – not so Canadian-made anymore), CLICK HERE.

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JaneDoe said...

I totally agree! Wtf is with people wearing these overpriced workout clothes everywhere? Have consumers become that unable to use our brains?