Thursday, November 15, 2007

Status Quo

When are we going to see the beauty industry take a step away from its statusquo of exclusionary bullshit? The Independent reports today about Black and Asian women being largely ignored in the beauty industry.

This ignoring/isolation issue is reminiscent of one of my last trips to Wal-Mart in University years ago with my roommate at the time, who was a fan of the corporate giant. She is a black woman and she needed some product for her hair. Wandering up and down the hair care isle we couldn't find "black hair" shampoo. She had extensions and she needed a special formula for her braids. Finally we had to ask an employee and this is the answer we received:

"It's in the next isle beside the Sunscreen and Cotton Balls."

I am not kidding. It was unbelievable and revolting. Sure enough, there it was; black-people shampoo next to the sunscreen and cotton balls. This is one of the many many many reasons that Wal-Mart sucks and I won't be seen walking through the doors of that plague.

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