Friday, January 25, 2008

Baby Soft and Sexy

I'm a sucker for nostalgia. My first perfume was Love's Baby Soft and I kept it in my yellow flowered ballerina jewellery box. At that age I was riding my bike to the Red Rooster around the corner for $0.05 candies, certainly not spending my allowance money on the glossies. But as dug up by Chimp Media [via Copyranter & Broadsheet], the ads for the (I can still smell it!) perfume were extremely disturbing. Thirty years later, young girls continue to be sexxed up for capitalistic ventures. Psst... I'm thinking about Bratz dolls.

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Prole said...

Very Brooke Sheilds in "Pretty Baby". Yuck. I don't remember that ad from when I was a girl, but it is really creepy. Every bit as creepy as Bratz.