Friday, February 1, 2008

Sexy in Silver

Here's an interesting article in American Sexuality Magazine [via Alternet] by Anne Kreamer. She discusses her experience and promotion of being naturally grey and has dismissed the use of hair dyes. I'd be interested in reading her book as the article only briefly touches on her public experience and highlights the reaction of men to her silver locks. I would like to know the public's reaction to her on a more intimate level. As my colleague has expressed to me, when a woman turns 50 she often feels that she has become invisible, undervalued, and under appreciated both sexually and intellectually. How has Ms. Kreamer's grey hair affected her close relationships with family and friends? I admire her for going and growing grey. Although not yet a concern I am a sucker for hair color and am currently a dark brunette pretender. I know it's bad for my hair. I know it is expensive. But I keep doing it for a change of mirror scenery. My mother is struggling with the upkeep of her hair color, often musing that she should go and grow grey. Perhaps we could both reconsider our mane priorities and have a hair challenge to challenge the notion that our natural characteristics just aren't good enough!


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you might be interested in this blog:

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Thanks, I'll check it out!