Friday, October 10, 2008

Chalk Talk

I'm diggin' JL's recent campaign ads:

Jennifer Wells notes:

Stylistically, the trio of "Chalk Talk" ads released this week by the New Democratic Party are a huge departure from the rum-ta-tum-tum drumming beat of the party's early creative. This is a first outing for Zig, in that the ad agency - rooted in Toronto and with a growing presence in Chicago - hasn't taken on political campaign work before. The strategy thus far has been to go negative out of the gate, build the Jack Layton brand, and now more softly attempt to convince Canadians that the NDP is a safe place to invest. About the time the writ was dropped, I was tipped to the news that Zig, after an energetic pitch, had been chosen. The party loved Zig's fresh perspective. The NDP's Brian Topp called it "arresting and different." We wanted, he said, to be seen as the "NEW democrats." (Via Adhocracy)

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