Friday, October 10, 2008

Quit the Click

The Globe and Mail has officially announced it is endorsing Harper. This is the link to the story:
BUT I'm not going to hyperlink as I'm done giving money to the right wing rag by clicking all over its website and sending money to the advertisers. I'll watch the stocks from The Star or CBC and try to be limited in posting links of Globe stories and articles that Lilith Attack responds to.

The media MUST to be non-partisan and it's sick that one of our leading national papers has declared itself to be pro-conservative. It's obvious that the Globe supports conservative policies as it is with its biased articles and slanted editorials. Responsible news reporting should never have a partisan edge. I consider my own political position in the industry I work in and have heard the senior partner give a verbal high five to "our Mr. Bush" (those Dixie Chicks - oh how they bullied our neighbour's supreme leader); and received an email from said senior partner urging all staff to contact our MLAs to oppose the Royalty Rate hike last fall - being in opposition to the senior partner(s)' politics makes me feel somewhat at risk and marginalized. Of course my political views have never been challenged by he who pays my salary nor was I questioned on my voting tendencies in my interview; but I can't help but feel under a Tory thumb at my desk should and when the revolution commence. Do I really have the freedom to express my opinions at the kitchen water cooler when Mr. C is reading the Globe and Mail at the table behind me? Do staff writers really have the freedom to write and report responsibly with a Harper endorsement? "Leave your anti-corporation sentiments at the door, Ms. Smith," this building is blue. I am in the middle of quarterly and annual reporting and I need to speculate on the economy. Because I am representing a right wing partner, my presented speculations shall be skewed from my personal speculations. In that sense my own reporting may not be responsible but I am merely passing on words to the desk of a CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation that is delighted with tax cuts from Harper's team and sees no doom and gloom; no social disparity and ignores the glaring dissonance of the Prime Minister's tongue.

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