Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Microsoft don't scare me. I got God with me."



jeff said...

One interesting thing about this strategy is that, because of global capitalism itself, it's doomed to failure. (Note: I'm a marxist at heart, and no friend of global capitalism or crazy Xtians.) Corporations are legally bound to try to make money for the shareholders. Once lawsuits begin to flow in from people being discriminated against, the company would have to stop discriminating, or lose money to the lawsuits. And that's not even counting giving up what must be lucrative buyouts like, which the article mentions microsoft owns.

So, not only is this guy not a good Xtian, he's doesn't have much business sense.

lilith attack said...

Exactly. This Xtian (I love that!) pastor compares himself and his venture to David slaying Goliath? Read a little further and yeah, King David was a real neat guy; he screws Bathsheba, gets her pregnant, arranges for her husband to be killed, places Bathsheba in his harem, and ignores his baby for days, leaving it for dead. Super comparison for a man attempting to arrange for Microsoft to "stop financing ungodly ventures".